#SixforSunday – Bookish Resolutions


I can’t believe it’s another year. More than ever we all needed a fresh start – even if nothing much changes it feels good for 2020 to be behind us!

I don’t know about you, but last year books really helped me deal with the situation we were in as well as helping my mental health tremendously. They helped me relax and really switch off; I also got some escapism from the pandemic and, even if it was just for moments, could forget what was going on around me. I managed to read quite a lot of books which hit my challenge target for last year too!

So, what are my bookish resolutions for 2021?

1) My Good Reads target is 121 books for 2021. I managed this last year, so want to try and hit the same this year.

2) I’ve joined in the #50books2021 and based these targets around the types of books I want to read. I rarely read classics, or books nominated for the Booker prize for example so I want to be more varied with what books I’m picking up.

3) To regularly join in with #SixforSunday for the whole year. Let’s ignore the fact my first one is already a day late…

4) To record more of the books I read on my blog! I got overwhelmed with life last year (I’m sure we all got this feeling at some point) and really slacked with getting these uploaded!

5) I want to connect with more book bloggers, authors and publishers through WordPress, Instagram and Twitter.

6) Keep my reading for enjoyment and make sure it’s not becoming a chore!

I’m hoping these will be easy enough to keep to. Not only will I read a lot (and enjoy it!) but I’ll have a wider range of books and genres I’ve read too 🥰 . I can’t wait to see what everyone else’s are too!

Emily x

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