Weather Weaver – Tamsin Mori

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stella is going to visit her grandad in Shetland where she used to live, as her parents have to work and can’t take her with them. Ever since she’s moved, she’s been desperate to come back but, now it’s happening, she can’t quite believe it.

When she finally arrives, her grandad isn’t quite how she remembered him. He’s mean and moody, often snapping at her for what seems like something really small. After an argument, she storms out of the house in order to get herself some quiet and space.

That all changes when she meets Tamar, who asks her to catch a cloud. Stella can’t believe the request; surely you can’t catch clouds? But this encounter then takes Stella on a journey she never imagined going on which is full of magic, weather and most importantly of all, the power of relationships.

If anyone has followed my tweets recently, you’ll already know that this book really pulled me out of my reading slump! It is so brilliantly written – it completely sucks you into Stella’s experience on the Scottish isle, tying you up in a the tangle of magic she becomes embroiled in. Weather weaving in itself is such a unique idea – despite the magic and fantasy elements which we often see in children’s books, Tamsin has created a really original take. I wish I had my own cloud!

Stella is a strong female character who knows her own mind. She has empathy for others allowing her to understand how she might be able to positively impact on another’s life. Her developing relationships with both Tamar and her grandad are really insightful and allow the reader to understand Stella further.

The magic and mystery of this tale are thoroughly enjoyable. Each chapter leaves you hanging on for more, and I can only hope that the end of the book is hinting at another in the series!

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Emily x

📚 Book Gifted by publisher.

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