Milo Imagines The World – Matt De La Pena & Christian Robinson

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On a journey to visit his mum, Milo likes to draw the other passengers. When he does this, he also likes to imagine what their lives might be like.

This is a story that shows us how important it can be to not judge someone from their looks; you can’t know people or their lives from one glance in the street. Full of hope and wonder, this story is beautifully told with an important message at its heart.

Picture books can be so important for conveying messages to children, and ‘Milo Imagines the World’ is definitely one of them. I don’t know about you, but I am such a people watcher and I love imagining what people are doing or where they might be going. I miss sitting in the window of Costa so I can do this!

Milo is a curious child, and his images always depict what the thinks the people he sees might be doing. A bride on the way to her cathedral wedding; a little boy in a suit who probably has a butler; a dance group not welcome in the fancier parts of town. After seeing the real endings to one of these stories, he starts to wonder what else he might have incorrectly imagined.

I think this is a really valuable lesson for children (and adults!) to take on board. Can looks every really tell us what a person might really be like, or their circumstances? I think this is a lovely book to have within classrooms which will help to promote discussion and thoughtfulness.

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Emily x

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