The Boy I Am – K. L. Kettle

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“When power corrupts…tear it down.”

Jude’s best friend died at the hands of the powerful Chancellor last year and ever since, he has been desperate to get his own revenge. The Chancellor must be assassinated in order to finally overthrow the society which is creating submissive men and boys who are not only seen as lowly workers, but not fit to be functioning members of society.

Living in the House of Boys, he finds himself tasked with the assassination. To do this, he must make sure that he is bought at auction to be her ward as this is the only way he will be allowed to be in her company.

When she reveals she has discovered the plot of her downfall, Jude needs to make some even more difficult decisions. Who can he trust, when everything he knows changes?

I am a fan of dystopian books which flip society on it’s head, which The Boy I Am certainly does. Set in a world where women hold all the power and boys and men are seen as substandard in society, it really makes for uncomfortable reading, but in a way that is designed to challenge your thinking. Often, I found myself thinking ‘that isn’t fair’ and then remembering that at one time, or even now, that is exactly the experience that girls have had, or it was a way they have been treated.

The dynamics within the book are really interesting. Jude’s friendships with the other boys, as well as his almost familial relationships with the ‘Fathers’ of the House, present him with challenging situations where he needs to make some difficult decisions. As a MC, he is an endearing character as you see how he develops and changes through the story.

I think this would be a really interesting class read to discuss, debate and explore society and the changes that have already happened, as well as how we might be affected if a situation such a the one presented in this book every occurred.

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Emily x

📚Book gifted by publisher.

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  1. vee_bookish says:

    Great review! I really wanted this story to grab me more than it did.


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