Crater Lake Evolution – Jennifer Killick

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Before reading this, you should definitely have already read the first Crater Lake book, as this is the second in the series!

There’s usually a lot to live up to when you read a second book; the characters are already familiar to you and the plot needs to have elements of the original story without feeling too ‘samey’. Evolution still has brilliant elements of the previous story whilst feeling completely fresh. In fact, I actually think I loved this one EVEN MORE than the original!

It’s been five months since Lance and his friends were at Crater Lake, where the strange goings on were finally halted by the Year 6s. Now, back in Straybridge, they have all struggled with the transition to Secondary school with the friendship group breaking apart and friction between friends. Things have certainly changed!

But when things start getting strange in Straybridge, and signs of the Crater Lake incident start appearing again, Lance will need to get the gang back together, as well as his new friend Karim, in order to once-agin defeat the enemy.

Jennifer Killick has written a creepy story which is full of tension and suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat! Straybridge is the perfect setting for this mysterious story, with Lance and his friends having to overcome. not just the enemy this time, but friendship issues too. It is a realistic look at moving to secondary, where the transition can cause groups to drift apart or have to rediscover what they have in common.

Throughout the action and mystery, Jennifer has still managed to weave in the humour she is well-known for. The camaraderie and relationships between the characters is an interesting dynamic (with Chets being particularly interesting in this book!) and written in a way which allows the reader to feel as though they are there with them.

This really delves into some topics which will help build compassion and understanding in children, particularly around jealousy of new friendships and a change in schools. Hopefully, as they make their own move to secondary they won’t have quite the same problems as the gang do in Straybridge, but I am sure some of them will feel familiar to the reader.

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Emily x

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