The Muddlemoor Mysteries: Peril at the Bake Off – Ruth Quayle

It’s the summer holidays, so Joe and his cousins Pip and Tom are staying at their Granny’s house in Muddlemoor. Seemingly a quiet country village, Tom is convinced that Muddlemoor is actually a crime hot spot, and the cousins should keep their eyes peeled to spot the goings-on of the villagers.

When the Great Village Bake Off is announced, Granny has her secret recipe to help her win the prize. That is, until it goes missing! Tom, Pip and Joe are convinced one of her neighbours is the culprit, but the question is…who? Join them as they investigate the biggest crime Muddlemoor has seen so far!

Full of fun and adventure, this is an exciting mystery that children will love being a part of! Joe, Tom and Pip are a likeable trio who want to solve the crime and have some mishaps along the way. The reader will definitely be able to see themselves in one of the trio, which will make them feel as though they are investigating the crime themselves too. The additional characters were really interesting too! I particularly loved Anthea and the intrigue she added to the story.

Quayle has written a humorous tale perfect for children 7+ – the short chapters will encourage them to read it in short bursts (or longer ones, if they choose too!), allowing them to feel more independent in their reading. The illustrations also make the text accessible…as well as adding even more humour to the book! These delightful details let children see even more about the characters they will come to know.

Anyone who knows me will know I love baking, so this was the perfect read. I loved seeing Grandma make her chocolatey cake and wondering what all the other villagers were going to bake! To celebrate, I’ve included my own favourite chocolate cake recipe here for a Chocolate Cola Cake:

I’d love to hear what your favourite recipes are, too!

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here:

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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