The Day The Screens Went Blank – Danny Wallace

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In a time where we are relying on tech more than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as work and learn new skills, Danny’s book feels more relevant than ever! In The Day the Screens Went Blank, we meet Stella and her family who all are addicted to tech. Even a family movie night means watching different films on different devices!

When one day they wake up to find nothing working, there is chaos. Schools don’t know how to run, workplaces are sending staff home and people can’t even communicate. Stella has always thought the world could be better with a little more physical social time, but will she still think so after seeing how different everything is?

When they realise Grandma is left on her own, Stella and her family must travel across the country to make sure that she’s okay and can survive without the technology we all think we need so desperately.

Stella and her family need to overcome a range of challenges on their journey with some hilarious results. There is humour woven throughout the book which readers of all ages will enjoy. It will be easy for the children reading the book to relate to the characters which will allow them to also connect with the more serious themes running beneath.

I really enjoyed the topic of this book, as it really provokes the reader to think. In a time when we are using technology more than ever, it made me consider how I could cut down on what technology I rely on – what did I use it for each day and where could I reduce my use? I would like to think that all the readers would start to question this, too! Not only would this make a great class read for story time, it would promote great discussions too.

The fabulous illustrations by Gemma Correll really add to the feel of the story – they’re so fun! Her style perfectly matches the tone of the story. The longer chapters are separated into shorter sections which will make this an easy read and allow growing independent readers to read in chunks that suit them.

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Emily x

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