Skin Taker – Michelle Paver

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If you haven’t already invested yourself into the Wolf Brother series, then I suggest you do! Michelle Paver has created an exciting adventure series steeped in history and mystery. Set in the Stone Age, the series follows Torak, Renn and Wolf through a range of adventures which they need to overcome in order to not only survive, but to save those around them too.

If you’ve not read the previous books and you’re keen to avoid any spoilers, then buy yourself the original here, then come back when you’re all caught up! It’s a fantastic set of books for KS2 classrooms, and always one which has been popular with the classes I’ve had.

When Viper’s Daughter was released, I was lucky enough to have an exclusive video from Michelle herself; she told us all about her new book, as well as how she came to write the series. This was yet another thrilling instalment which left me in anticipation for the next. There’s not many series of books which would have the story sustained over this length, or be written well enough to feel fresh when each new book comes out with the familiarity and comfort of the characters still there.

In Skin Taker – the eighth book – we see Torak in a world of turmoil; Dark Time is upon them – in the middle of winter – and there is disaster and chaos all around them. Among this is a new evil which both he, Renn and Wolf need to come together to battle.

First, can we appreciate how gorgeous this front cover is? I love the colours, and the glint of gold!

What I loved about this book, was threat throughout the book keeps you gripped, and turning the pages in anticipation. Will Torak, Renn and Wolf make it through the challenge and obstacles unscathed? I loved the raw human emotion that came across in the story as the trio took on the adventure; despite the action within the story, there were still real dilemmas the characters faced and had to make decisions about.

I love that the historical element of the story – its setting within the Stone Age – feels authentic and not ‘shoe-horned- into the story. The landscape descriptions really make you consider how different the scenery might have looked before it had such a heavy influence from humans.

If you loved the sound of this book, buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted from publisher

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