Pushkin ‘True Adventures’ Series

The Fog of War – Michelle Jabès Corpona

In World War II, Operation Neptune is in full force. Martha Gellhorn is on board a hospital ship where she has disguised herself as a nurse. However, she is really a seasoned war correspondent who is putting herself in a dangerous position in order to send news of the war back home.

After talking her way on board, she makes it to the French coast where she will make history as the only woman to set foot on the Normandy beaches on D-Day.

A story that most of us wouldn’t have heard, Martha highlights bravery, tenacity and a strong female war tale in an era saturated with the achievements of men.

The Flag Never Touched the Ground – Kekla Magoon

Set in the American Civil War – 1863, South Carolina – the story focuses on the soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment who are on their way to battle. They have a lot at stake; not only is their mission a difficult and dangerous one, but they are the first all-Black regiment so all eyes in America are on them.

William Harvey Carney is one of these soldiers. Formally a slave, he knows the price of freedom and is willing to fight for it. We follow his fight and discover important historical moments for civil rights within the civil war.

Swordswoman – Devika Rangachari

The British Empire is expanding, which is now threatening the kingdom of Jhansi in India. However, the soldiers aren’t prepared for their queen, Lakshmibai. Not only is she brave enough to stand up for her people, but she is a talented swordswoman too.

When an uprising starts stirring, she needs to decide whether to let her people fight, or, more importantly, whether she’ll fight with them.

With a hidden history that isn’t often taught brought to life, we learn about a queen whose courage inspired legend.

Each of these books brings a fantastic part of history to light, highlighting a figure that may not otherwise be discovered by the reader. With exciting stories, each book in the series will have you gripped and leave you wanting to learn more!

If you like the sounds of these books, click on their title to order!

Emily x

📚 Books gifted by publisher.

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