The Tindims – Sally Gardner & Lydia Corry

As I’m sure you’ve spotted, I’m a little behind schedule posting this blog, so first, apologies my post is late!

The Tindims series of books focus on miniature characters who live on Rubbish Island and want to save the world through conservation – they’re expert recyclers who live by the motto ‘what is rubbish today is treasure tomorrow’. Rubbish Island looks something like this…

In Book One, we meet the Tindims on Rubbish Island and learn more about the world’s oldest recyclers. Written by inspiring storyteller Sally Gardner and illustrated brilliantly by her daughterLydia Corry, this is the start of an endearing series highlighting conservation in an entertaining way.

Book Two sees us return to Rubbish Island where Bottle Mountain has broken free. Meeting some humans for the first time, they have to work together to save some baby turtles who are in danger.

Book Three sees us tackling an ocean full of plastic, the Tindims start looking for ten green glass bottles. However, will they find them all on Rubbish Island or will they have to work with the humans once again to find a solution?

These are a really endearing series of books which shows children how to keep rubbish from ruining our world. The illustrations and short chapters will help children be engaged in the story – they’ll love meeting Skittle, Captain Spoons and all the other magical, miniature recyclers! With a fourth book coming soon, this is the perfect series to read this summer!

If you like the sound of these books, you can buy them here.

Emily x

📚 Books gifted by publisher.

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