May #ReadingRoundup

I wanted to start keeping a record of each book I read during the month, as well as some thoughts and a star rating for each one. I’ve decided to usually only to include longer novels as with picture books too, this blog would become extremely long! This month, however, there are a couple that have made the list as due to moving house (yay!) I read fewer books than I usually do! I hope you enjoy my May #ReadingRoundup – and why not join in with your own list, too?

The Harpy – Megan Hunter


I was immediately drawn in by the cover of this book and then the blurb made me really excited to read it. I loved the story and all the excitement of the drama in the pages, but I was slightly confused at the end. It left me scratching my head and I felt it wasn’t fully resolved. However, this is a little outside my usual genre of book so this may be part of the reason I felt this way!

After / After We Collided – Anna Todd


I knew I wanted to read these after watching the film so a friend kindly let me borrow her copies. They are very easy reading and as long as you accept them for what they are (trashy romance) then you will love them. There’s a bit too much to-and-fro between the main characters in their relationship for me, but I still found myself totally unable to put it down! Now I need to read the rest of the series…

A Curious History of Sex


It’s not often I read non-fiction books but this year, I’ve been trying to read more outside my usual genres. I saw this on the shelf and was immediately drawn in by the cover (hard to miss, right?) but also after flicking through a pages couldn’t resist. This was funny, interesting and I was absolutely absorbed by the information! It really made me think about why different attitudes and experiences happen today, considering the history they’re steeped in.



This was a brilliant graphic novel all about a girl who has to have braces after an accident. It was an interesting storyline that I think children would be able to relate to the characters and situations they are going through. I’m getting really into graphic novels and this is one I know I want to have on the shelves in my classroom.

In My Heart


A gorgeous picture book exploring emotions. I loved how this was presented, as well as the simple storytelling. I highly recommend having a copy of this in your classroom, or for your child at home.

Ru Paul


The Little People Big Dreams series is full of some incredible people but this was the first I have bought (I knew once I started I’d want the whole series!) as I am a huge fan of Ru Paul. His story is fantastically presented, accompanied by bright, interesting illustrations. I am so glad I bought this book!

Animal Farm


I haven’t read this since I was in Year 12 but wanted to give it another go now that Chris Mould has done some fantastic illustrations for it. I want to give more classics a go; Animal Farm is still one that I am unsure of. Although I understand the book more this time round, I still am not sure I’d say I ‘enjoyed’ reading it, though it definitely provoked me to think a little more this time round.

Truly Tyler


I enjoyed the way this story was told from two characters point of view; one was more a comic style, while another was a story with illustrations interspersed throughout. Again, this graphic novel really reflects experiences the children reading it would have. This is part of a series and I am keen to get my hands on the rest of the books!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading this month! Why not share your top book in the comments? 🥰

Emily x

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