Shades of Scarlet – Anne Fine

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Anne Fine is one of my favourite authors; I think her books always challenge thinking and introduce readers to topics and themes that will allow them to explore their experiences and opinions. Shades of Scarlet follows the main character – Scarlet! – whose parents are in the midst of a divorce. Her mum has met someone else and moved out, taking Scarlet with her, leaving her dad at their family home.

Scarlet can’t understand why her mum expects her to be happy about it, but is also frustrated her dad doesn’t seem to be fighting for them, either. When her mum gives her a notebook, Scarlet intends to write down EXACTLY how she feels about them. The truth about everything.

I thought this was a really insightful book which I’m sure many readers will relate to. Speaking quite honestly about divorce from the eyes of a child, this will really help the reader either feel seen, or begin to understand more about what it might be like for someone going through this. With both her mum and her dad at odds, Scarlet needs to understand her new normal. The emotions she went through were well developed and we saw real ups and downs that she had to navigate.

We also see Scarlet having to work on a new dynamic with her best friend, now that her living situation has changed. Her friendship with Jake is also changing, now that his Uncle is seeing her mum! With a lot of teenage angst, there is a lot to process and it’s important for her to have her friends by her side.

I love the way the chapters have been written; the chapters are short and feel authentic to the main character.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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