What’s In Your Heart Today? – Louise Bladen

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Discussing a range of emotions for children, this is a book which will help discussing how you’re feeling, as well as accepting that it is okay to feel a range of emotions. Using simple meditation, it promotes how to resolve your own emotional conflict as well as find peace within yourself.

Today, we are going to look at the feeling jealousy.

I’m sure we can all think of a time when we’ve been jealous. When someone takes the last cheese and bacon wrap in Greggs. When someone gets tickets to the rugby match you’re desperate to go to. When a friend goes on an amazing holiday and you’re stuck with Costa del Garden instead.

It’s important for children (and us!) to acknowledge this feeling and know that sometimes, we might feel envious of others. It’s okay to feel this way but what is important, is that we don’t let it overwhelm us. Particularly in a world of technology where we often just see the ‘best bit’ snapshot of someone’s life, jealousy can become an emotion we become familiar with.

Using meditation, or time and breathing, as the book suggests, allows us to reflect on what others have, but also what we have, too. Time to be grateful for our own life.

I absolutely love the development of emotions and feelings in books; it is so important that we are allowing children to discuss these. I especially enjoyed that What’s In Your Heart? also gives a strategy for coping with feelings as this can be something children find really tricky. This would be perfect to share in the classroom!

If you like the sound of this book, buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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