The Shadows of Rookhaven – Padraig Kenny

Stars: ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is the brilliant sequel to The Monsters of Rookhaven which I thought was an eerie and exciting story with some fantastic characters. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend that you do (and also the review I wrote for it, which includes an interview with Padraig himself!). Don’t read ahead if you don’t want any spoilers for Book 1!

For Book 2, we return to Rookhaven at the time of The Great Configuration – an event which only happens once every 100 years. Among the family and friends who have come to the house to take part in the occasion is an interloper who wants nothing more than to cause destruction.

Mirabelle – who is part human, part monster – needs to discover more about who she really is when she finds the visitors don’t actually consider her family at all.

I always find it tricky to write about a sequel, as I never want to give away too much from the previous book! However, Padraig has a charming way of writing which creates a whole world the reader can be immersed in, and this has been continued as we return to Rookhaven for another instalment.

This is another eerie yet enchanting book which has a whole host of characters who will both delight and mystify the reader. I love the development of Mirabelle’s story, and how she journeys to discover who she really is. It makes the reader consider about belonging and family; Mirabelle is a strong character who wants to help others despite their perception of her. Alongside this, we learn more about Piglet, too, who remains my favourite character!

I was hooked into the story from start to finish, as it was packed with twists, turns and reveals.

If you like a dark read (especially with Halloween coming up!) then this is one for you!

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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