Chime Seekers – Ross Montgomery

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Having loved Ross’ previous books I knew I’d be in for a treat with his latest offering. Chime Seekers tells the story of Yanni who has had to move away from the place he loves, and now has to share his parents with his new baby sister. She seems to get all the attention and he resents her presence having such a negative impact on his life.

One night he is tricked by an evil faerie, allowing him to steal Yanni’s sister away, swapping her for a Changeling. With the help of his cousin, he goes on an adventure to unknown magical lands to get her back. It won’t be as easy as he thinks, however, as faeries love playing tricks and causing mischief.

Encountering talking signs and disgruntled goblins, their adventure is going to use all their knowledge and skills to make it through. Can Yanni find his sister and, along the way, find some love for her, too?

I love the way Ross writes as he really conveys the emotions of the characters and helps you feel as though you can understand exactly how they’re feeling throughout the story. Yanni changed throughout the book, as well as his perception of the situation he was in, which I thought really added an extra layer to the adventure in the story. In particular, I liked seeing how his relationship with his cousin developed and he learned to open himself up to others.

The faerie land was magical and evil in equal measure, and it was a fantastic setting. As they travelled across the land, you saw them visit mountains and cross seas, which were written in such a way you could imagine being there yourself.

The faerie was a brilliant villain and I loved seeing how he would trick the children each time. He was mischievous and a trickster which made him enjoyably evil – a character you loved to hate! He set riddles and challenges that really made the reader ponder as they tried to work out the clues to solve them with Yanni.

This fantasy book is one I can’t wait to take into my classroom to open up a new world to the children.

Like the sound of this book? Buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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