Escape Room – Christopher Edge

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Christopher Edge was first author to show me I can enjoy sci-fi books; Star Wars is not the only type of Science Fiction there is! Now, he’s back with a different take on the genre.

Ami has arrived at The Escape to be challenged by the ultimate escape room, full of puzzles and riddles which she and the group of children on her team are convinced is just a game. However, as the door locks on the first room they realise there is potentially something more sinister at play. They are searching for ‘The Answer’ and the stakes are higher than they ever could have imagined. Can they find ‘The Answer’ and save the world? Or will they be trapped inside The Escape forever?

This is one of the few books this year that I read in one sitting. Written with fast pace and suspenseful chapter endings, it keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

As you follow Ami’s journey through The Escape, you can’t help but become invested in her challenges, as well as intrigued as she is to know what exactly ‘The Answer’ entails. As always, there’s a twist that has become such an important part of Christopher’s stories and keeps you guessing until the end!

Ami is a very relatable character; you become invested in not just the challenges she needs to overcome, but her development throughout the adventure, too. The dynamic created between her and the different members of the team area really interesting. She has to change her reactions to each one to not only understand their point of view but, importantly, find the Answer.

I know the children in my class will be all over this one!

If you like the sound of this book, you can buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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  1. vee_bookish says:

    This is on my NetGalley shelf! I can’t wait to read it.


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