The Elephant Squad – Kerry Gibb

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Cleo has given up on receiving invites from her classmates, or being able to discuss the latest gossip from the school disco that everyone in her year went to. Ever since she started school, she’s said no to any events outside school. It’s not that she doesn’t want to go, but her mum needs her at home. She feels alone and wonders if anyone else feels the same way she does, or has so much responsibility at home.

When a visitor comes to the school assembly, Cleo learns that she’s a Young Carer. Not only is she not alone, but there’s people she can talk to and help she can access. Not only does she enjoy having a space to support her, but she learns the value of friendship, too.

In this moving, emotional story, we see Cleo develop friendships and discover that while her life may look different caring for her Mum, she can still enjoy time being herself. Sensitively written, this is a book which is so needed in classrooms for Young Carers to not only see themselves represented in books, but also to make what being a Young Carer is more visible to other children who haven’t lived the experience themselves.

Young Carers – as the beginning of the story shows – often feel invisible within school, or as though they can’t talk to anyone about what they are going through as no-one will understand. By having this book for children to access, not only will it begin to reduce the taboo of the subject, but extend understanding.

Both Jayden and Cleo are well-developed characters, who we see discover more about themselves through the story. Along with the rest of the Elephant Squad, they learn the value of friendship and the meaningfulness of support.

When a safe arrives in the school yurt, the children must think up a code that only they can know! Follow The Elephant Squad blog tour to discover the code! Each blogger will release one number and direct you to the next blog! Once you have the correct combination, email it to to unlock your entry into a competition to win a signed copy of The Elephant Squad with a limited edition bookmark. Good luck!

First number: 2

If you like the sound of this book, buy it here.

Emily x

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