Like A Charm – Elle McNicoll

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ramya Knox has been told all her life she’s different, and been made to feel that way, too. Both at school and home, no-one seems to expect much from her, but it’s these differences, however, which will make it only her that can see the magic surrounding Edingburgh. Ramya can see through the glamour which usually keeps the mystical people and creatures of the world hidden. She’ll soon discover though, that discovering she can see this world isn’t the only secret she’ll uncover.

With her family mourning the loss of her grandfather, Ramya will only have a word of warning from him about what lies in store: to ‘beware the Sirens’. Embarking on an adventure she never imagined, can Ramya learn to use her powers to learn more about herself, and save the new life she has found for herself?

Each of Elle’s books are written with authentic representation in mind, and her latest is no different. Ramya shows everyone that being different isn’t something we should be ashamed of or want to hide; it is part of who we are and should be celebrated.

The magic included in this book is a slight departure from Elle’s other books, but I absolutely loved it. The idea of being able to see beyond the Glamour of the world and find mythical creatures and people is an exciting one – I wish I could do the same as I walk around my own town! I really enjoyed the personalities of each creature (the vampire was my favourite!) and how they kept traditional qualities yet were reimagined, again showing we shouldn’t judge someone until we get to know them.

The family dynamics within the book were also interesting, with Ramya’s parents and aunts having to work through historic issues in order to combat present problems. Having been close to my own grandparents, I always enjoy a story where a relationship with the older generation has importance pressed upon it, so Ramya’s Grandpa being a big part of the story made it all the more special.

There’s a reason that Elle is a Blue Peter Award winning author, and Like A Charm is just further proof of this. It was an emotive, enjoyable read that has left me on tenterhooks waiting for the sequel!

If you like the sound of this book, you can buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher.

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