The Colour of Hope – Ross Mackenzie

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Years ago, the emperor used dark magic to steal all the colour from the world – there is nothing but grey for people to exist in…except for the emperor himself. One day, when nearly all the world has forgotten what life was like in colour, a miracle baby is born.

Everything the baby touches turns to colour, which despite its magic puts her in mortal danger from her first breath as she is hunted down by the emperor’s Ripper Dogs and Black Coats. On the run with her adoptive father keeping her safe, what will it take for them to bring colour back into the world and escape the grasp of the emperor for good?

Ross Mckenzie writes magical books which always takes the reader to a new world full of adventure that they can explore with strong characters; The Colour of Hope is no different. We are immersed in an exciting and original story which will have you gripped from the first chapter right to the end.

Hope has to overcome a lot of different obstacles on her adventure to restore colour, which spans a number of years. Despite the jumps in time, the story is easy to follow as Mackenzie has introduced characters and storylines solidly, allowing us to feel as though we are part of the revolution against the emperor who makes a brilliant villain along with the Necromancer.

Although a typical ‘good vs evil’ battle, there are elements of the story which develop this further and twists which will both shock and surprise the reader, aided by the atmosphere and description throughout.

Emily x

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