The Haunting of Leigh Harker – Darcy Coates

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Leigh Harker has always found her home to be a sanctuary. It is there that she feels safest, and after living there for a decade she has felt comfortable with her neighbourhood. Then, one day, things change abruptly. Curtains open on their own, radios turn on and off, and a sense of overwhelms her. When she starts seeing figures looming in the darkness, Leigh knows she’s no longer safe but doesn’t want to abandon the home she loves.

However, the truth is more horrifying than Leigh ever could have imagined. When a poisonous force seeps from beneath the locked door under the stairs, Leigh realises there are secrets her home has kept from her for all these years. It’s these secrets she’ll need to uncover if there is any chance of her home being just hers again…

This was a creepy story which had me hooked in from the start. It dives straight into the action, finding Leigh in the midst of a haunting, written in such a thrilling and atmospheric way. I find that a lot of books sold as ‘scary’ or ‘creepy’ don’t thrill me at all, but I can’t say the same for this book! It genuinely had me up into the early hours of the morning wanting to know what happened next!

Leigh is such an interesting character and seeing the clues unravel and her personality be revealed – and develop – through the story made it even more gripping; she was presented with many challenges and obstacles and as we got further into the book, it was interesting to see how her decisions changed based on what she had been through.

There were so many twists in this story; usually I find myself guessing at least part of the ending, but this really fooled me! I loved discovering everything alongside Leigh – you don’t know what is going to happen until Coates wants you to! This is definitely the book for you if you enjoy ghost stories, horror or anything a bit scary!

If you like the sound of this book, buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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