My Friend the Octopus – Lindsay Galvin

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When Vinnie’s mum takes her to Brighton to stay with her aunt, Vinnie thinks they are finally going on an adventure together. But when they arrive, she discovers they won’t be staying there together like she first thought. Instead, her mum has shut their milliner’s and is leaving for Paris, and can’t tell Vinnie when she will be back.

Her aunt lives next to the aquarium, where Vinnie discovers a newly acquired giant octopus who, after sketching the creature, she befriends. Whilst there, she meets Temitayo and Charlie who help her discover more about Brighton. However, it isn’t long until, with her two new friends, Vinnie becomes embroiled in a dangerous mystery which is connected to a sinister visitor. Can she solve the mystery and save more than just herself?

I loved reading ‘Darwin’s Dragons’, Lindsay’s previously published book. With historical elements merged with a tale about animals and adventure, it has some similar themes to ‘My Friend the Octopus’ yet they both stand independent from each other.

As a main character, Vinnie was interesting and was a character that you wanted to find out more about. Through her new friendships, she not only overcomes personal challenges but goes on an adventure where she has to overcome bigger obstacles, too. The plot ties together well with some good twists throughout the story – you’ll be uncovering the mystery alongside Vinnie!

The themes of family and friendship which consistently run beneath the adventure add a sensitive side to Vinnie and her friends. It deals with some emotional topics but they are entwined in the story rather than being the story. It is a well-written book which had me completely hooked throughout; I felt invested in both the plot and the characters which is something I have come to expect from Lindsay’s writing.

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Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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