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I love providing children with new ways to enhance their vocabulary in the classroom. Of course, reading often tops the list when considering how this can happen as books provide opportunities to discover new words in context, allowing experimentation within writing and oracy once they have been read. However, it is also important for us to give children the chance to explore new words alongside clear definitions to make language itself exciting.

That’s where Britannia’s ‘Word of the Day’ book comes in! Each day has a new word for children to explore and use that has been specially selected by a team of masterminds at Britannia. Obviously, I don’t want to share too many words or pictures with you as it would spoil the fun of discovering each word of the day for yourself, alongside a fun fact!

However, I can’t share none with you at all, so I thought I’d share two of them with you today. First up, the day of my book blog stop:

14th July – buff


someone who takes a keen interest in something and knows a lot about it (buff)

I am a children’s literature buff!

Next, I thought I’d see what word appears on my birthday as it’s coming up soon…

14th August – odoriferous


strong-smelling (adjective)

I enjoy eating odoriferous cheese!

As you can see, this is a brilliant book not only in the classroom, but outside it, too! If you want to discover new vocabulary using this book, click here for your own copy!

Emily x

📚 Book gifted by publisher

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