#BritainsBookshops: The Padstow Bookseller

Friday 12th August 2022.

It will be no surprise to anyone that one of my favourite places to be is in a bookshop. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved reading and visiting bookshops has been part of that. During my last visit to Cornwall, I went to the The Padstow Bookseller and it inspired me to finally pluck up the courage to start my book blog. So, where better to start my new ‘series’, #BritainsBookshops?

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The shop is located just away from the harbour, and its signage was clear and appealing. Walking into the shop, there were already lots of people inside so I immediately felt a buzz of other book lovers around me. Listening to parents and children recommending each other different books to read was really lovely to hear! The shop itself isn’t overly large, but it had a cosy feel to it rather than feeling small, and allowed you to browse happily without feeling like a nuisance.

Book Selection

There was a brilliant selection of books, each organised into sections which were easy to browse and find what you were looking for, including a really appealing children’s section of the shop. Alongside bestsellers and more niche books, there was a good range of signed books which were well labelled and clear as you were browsing. The ‘islands’ of books were clearly chosen by someone who knows their stuff, with a wide selection being promoted.

It’s also useful to know they have a sister shop in St Ives – so if there’s anything you’re searching for they don’t have at Padstow, you can look there, too!


This was my favourite part of the visit – I asked the bookseller what he would recommend for me to read. His first question was what do I enjoy – which my answer is usually quite frustrating as it’s ‘pretty much everything’ so I told him the last couple of books I read, as well as my all-time favourite. Immediately, he asked if I minded hardbacks (I know they can be divisive but I don’t mind them!) and then recommended Daisy Darker – Alice Feeney. Not only was this signed, but it had a special edition cover which was only available in Cornwall, where the story is set.

Having read this book I can tell you it is right up there with my favourite reads, possibly edging it to my top read of 2022 so far – so he clearly knew his stuff!

Definitely a shop for any book lover to visit, before having a cold drink by the harbour while you enjoy your new purchase.

Until next time!

Emily x

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