(Nearly) New Year Resolution

So, for so many reasons 2022 has been a wild rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, which has meant I have not stayed on top of my blog as much as I’ve wanted to. However, I am making a (nearly) new year resolution to put it back near the top of my priority list; blogging about, and celebrating, the amazing literature I get to enjoy is something that makes me happy and I definitely want – and need! – to dedicate more time to it in the coming year.

Alongside blogging more consistently, I am also committing myself to:

  • a monthly thread which I update each time I am lucky enough to receive some new book post.
  • A monthly spotlight on themed books – be that graphic novels, amazing women, science non-fiction…whatever has captured my attention during the previous weeks!

However, to start this new year (nearly!), new me, first, I am going to show you some of the fantastic books I’ve read recently, which I’ve not been able to blog about yet with a sentence review of each.

The Mystery of Raspberry Hill – Eva Krantz

A short, pacey story which sees Stina admitted to a hospital where she wants to help both her family and others by being part of new research…until mysterious things begin happening around her! Perfect for UKS2.

Rudy and the Wolf Cub – Paul Westmoreland

A fun new set of adventures which see Rudy and his friends solve problems through adventures. Perfect for confident Y2 readers, as well as LKS2.

Fear Ground: Dread Wood 2 – Jennifer Killick

After this atmospheric, creepy sequel, Jennifer Killick definitely retains her crown as queen of middle grade/teen horror! Perfect for Y6+

No Place for Monsters – Kory Merritt

This was a really dynamic mix of story and illustrations which I found really interesting, and the story kept me gripped from start to finish! Perfect for UKS2.

Dead Good Detectives – Jenny Mclachlan

After Land of Roar, I was excited to see what Jenny McLachlan was going to offer us next…and I was not disappointed! A fast-paced adventure involving pirates and mystery – what more could you want?! Perfect for Year 4+.

The Little Match Girl Strikes Back – Emma Carroll

A reimagining of a classic, allowing the Little Match Girl to be more independent and choose her own path; a more active character, making changes than the passive one we have previously known. Perfect from LKS2.

I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these, and your thoughts…or any books you’d recommend!

Enjoy your countdown to Christmas and the holidays 🎄

Emily x

📚 Books have been gifted

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