A Tricky Kind of Magic – Nigel Baines

“Cooper is brilliant at magic tricks. Card tricks, clever illusions – he can do them all. His dad, also known as the Great Eduardo, taught him the tricks of the magical trade before he passed away. But the one thing Cooper can’t do is see his dad again. 

So when a talking rabbit appears from his dad’s top hat, and reveals there is a place where Cooper might find him, he jumps at the chance. Magic is about believing the impossible, after all. And Cooper desperately wants to believe that he can see his dad once more.

But what – and who – is waiting for them in the land where magic goes wrong?”

This was an interesting graphic novel, which, at its heart, focused on the emotional subject of grief and how children can begin to look at overcoming the feelings and challenges associated with this. Cooper begins lashing out at those around him, as his misses his dad. I thought his emotions were portrayed well, but also explained well, too as the story progressed.

I loved how Rabbit helped Cooper on his adventure – he was funny and sensitive at the same time and I really enjoyed him as a character. Their relationship was one which flourished as the story went on and Cooper discovered more about loss, dealing with grief and accepting help from people he loves. Rabbit allowed Cooper to manifest his feelings into a conversation, which he was not otherwise able to do yet.

Let’s not forget the magical element, either! Not the fantasy story kind of magic, but a magician we might see ourselves. I loved the magic and tricks throughout – it’s made me wonder if I can learn a card trick myself!

I thought this was a really interesting way for grief to be approached and one I will definitely be sharing in my classroom. If you want a copy, buy it here.

Emily x

📚 Book gifted

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