The Golden Mole & Other Living Creatures – Katherine Rundell

“The world is more astonishing, more miraculous and more wonderful than our wildest imaginings.

In this passionately persuasive and sharply funny book, Katherine Rundell tells us how and why.

A swift flies two million kilometres in its lifetime. That’s far enough to get to the moon and back twice over – and then once more to the moon. A pangolin keeps its tongue furled in a pouch by its hip, a Greenland shark can live five hundred years, a wombat once inspired a love poem.”

This book was selected for me by Bookwagon, as one of my subscription choices. I was thrilled to have received this, as it is one that was on my wish list but probably would have stayed there for way too long. This was a beautiful book for so many reasons.

First, the cover and golden sprayed edges were stunning, and gave promise of what was to be found inside. Paired with Talya Baldwin’s stunning illustrations, this book is a treat for the eyes as well as the mind. Before each chapter, we have an illustration of the animal focused on in each section, which ranges from our local hedgehog to my personal favourite, the pangolin.

Katherine Rundell shares her knowledge on each animal; it was told in a way which allowed the reader to not only understand why the animal needs saving, but begin to understand the beauty of the animal itself. Every creature included in the book is endangered and needs saving; Rundell highlights how it has been humans who have reduced these animal to their fates.

Although written with adults in mind – each section is written as a small essay and there is further reading recommended in the back – I would definitely introduce parts of this within my classroom. We were lucky enough to have a visit recently from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation where our children were taught about some of the animals which are included; I plan on sharing the pangolin section with them to further our learning as it was an animal which fascinated us.

If you’d like to read this beautiful book, you can buy it here.

Emily x

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