Read for Empathy Collection 2023 – The Last Firefox 🦊

The Empathy Lab are on a mission to ensure children are educated in empathy. On the 8th June 2023 is ‘Empathy Day’, which aims to inspire children to be more emotionally literate through stories and books.

Part of this is their Empathy Collection which, as I’m sure you can agree, is full of incredible titles. I am fortunate enough to be launching their book blog tour, where each blogger has chosen a title from the collection to showcase to you all. It was an incredibly tricky choice as there are so many amazing books on the list I’ve enjoyed, and more that I can’t wait to be introduced to.

However, I did manage to narrow it down to one title…drumroll please…

The Last Firefox – Lee Newbery!

This is a heart-warming story of Charlie, who lives with his two dads in Wales. When they tell him they want to adopt another baby, he begins to fill with anxiety at the prospect – how will he be a good big brother?

He meets Cadno – a Firefox – and finds he can take amazing care of this fantastical creature. Together, they go on an adventure both literally and emotionally, with Charlie realising more about himself that he could have ever learnt without his new friend.

Lee has written a story that will resonate with so many – with a strong family unit, a journey of self-discovery and the power of friendships, children will find themselves reflected in someway in the characters. It is also such an important book for representation and diversity, which does so in a way which completely normalises different family units. It isn’t a focal point, it just is, which is so important for children to feel accepted, whilst also developing empathy and understanding of differences.

If you want to find out more about the work Empathy Lab do – including the wider collection and Empathy Day – click here.

Happy reading!

Emily x

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