Vita and the Gladiator – Ally Sherrick

Vita longs to write plays and poetry – but as a high-born girl in Roman Londinium, her fate is sealed: marriage and children.

Then her father is murdered, her mother and brother disappear, and Vita flees from a shadowy enemy.

Disguised as a slave at the gladiator’s arena, she forges an unlikely bond with Brea, a native Briton gladiatrix – and her wolf.

Together, they resolve to discover and bring the killer to justice before Vita’s identity is revealed …

Ally Sherrick’s books are a brilliant combination of historical drama and emotional journeys, which immerse the reader in an adventure. Vita is no different!

When Vita’s father is killed, she disguises herself as a slave in order to uncover his killer and uncover the truth. Along the way, we discover clues which Vita pieces together, along with Brea. Their against-the-odds friendship inspires them through the adventure to question the class system and I enjoyed the dynamic it gave throughout the story.

Even though it’s set in the past, the themes of justice, friendship and trust which reader’s will be able to relate to life now; it bridges the gap between history and our own lives. We can learn so much from the past and it’s differences, but also recognises that it will still hold similarities.

You can always rely on Ally’s books to have historical accuracies where possible, and this is compounded by the notes at the end of the book, delving further into Roman London and what life would have been like in this era. I know when I teach Romans, this will be a brilliant book for me to use alongside teaching!

I have enjoyed all of Ally’s books, but I have to say…this was my favourite! I was so hooked by the action, suspense and drama of the story, I couldn’t stop turning the pages!

Emily x

📚 Book gifted

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