Review Policy

General Information

First, it’s important that you know I absolutely LOVE reading and reviewing books. I spend a lot of my spare time reading so I absolutely love that I get to combine a hobby I love with something that also benefits others. My main reading focus are Middle Grade and Young Adult/Teen books. However, I absolutely love all genres so I will happily read and review all categories (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture books etc.) and age ranges.

When reviewing, I accept print format only – ARC (advanced reader review copies/proofs) or finished copies.

I usually take the copies of (appropriate books!) into school for my classroom bookshelf, where children can also read and review books they enjoy, so if this is something you don’t want to happen at that time, please just let me know when you contact me.

For me to review your book, please send me details at: or my Twitter: @primaryteachew

Reviews & Review Structure

I will always produce a review which is an honest reflection of my opinion of the book, though will focus, where possible, on the positive elements without being a false representation. They will be reviewed in the order they are received, so please bear this in mind when the review is needed for a release date – 3 months is an ideal time but can be less when necessary.

A review will take the following format:

  • Photo of the book
  • Stars (out of 5)
  • A short synopsis of the book
  • A quote taken from the text
  • My reflection and opinion of the book
  • Where appropriate, there may also be other pictures throughout the review of illustrations or extra features.

The reviews are written with a view to be short, without spoiling any plot lines to inform readers (and teachers!) of their content, themes and what was enjoyable about them. These are designed to be read by people who are more short of time, or enjoy a taster of a book before they order and read it for themselves!

The link will be posted on my Twitter, and also my newer Instagram page (@theteacherbookworm).


I would be thrilled to host any giveaways on my Twitter page (@primaryteachew) in order to raise the profile of a book or author further. Followers will be encouraged to RT the tweet, and follow – if requested – the author in order to be randomly drawn in the giveaway. Please contact me on Twitter, or my email:

Blog Tours

I would be delighted to host both new and established authors on a book Blog Tour, where they will be featured on my blog, as well as promoted on my Twitter. If you would like me to take part in one of your tours, please contact me at:

Please get in touch for any of the above, or for any other opportunities you might have, such as cover reveals, author interviews or articles.