The Teacher Bookworm

This blog started as something to do in the summer holidays. I love reading (it’s rare you’ll find me without a book in my hand or three in my bag!) and there aren’t many genres I’ll steer clear of! Coupled with the enjoyment I get from writing, it seemed a natural progression to start a book blog!

When I read book blogs there are two things that I sometimes find frustrating. First, spoilers! I hate when a blog alludes to a big plot twist and reveals an extra ‘clue’ about what happens (or sometimes outright just tells you!) and then when you finally read the book, it isn’t as enjoyable. So you won’t find any of those here! Next, I find it tricky to read long book blogs; at weekends or in down time it can be nice to sit and read in-depth reviews. But often, we find ourselves short of time. So, I’ve aimed for all my book reviews to be bite-sized and, hopefully, easy to swallow!

There are children’s, teen/YA and adult books all reviewed on this blog. I hope that they are useful to you when selecting books for friends, family, your class…but most importantly, yourself!

I still get surprised how many people read this blog, which just started as a creative outlet for me a year ago. But a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to read even one of my posts šŸ–¤

Happy Reading! šŸ“š